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Would You Believe It If I Told You Fear Is A Liar?

Deep down within you, you intuitively know this, yet you fall victim to it when it crops up. So what do we do with it?

Two things actually. And we always have a choice. We can let fear molest us into thinking we are finished..."Fuck Everything And Run." Or. Or we can "Face Everything And Rise."

Walking Tall Through Fear

“You aren't without power against your fears when you fully realize they are imagined. They're just not real.”

Fear is the trick of the mind, the ego. That lower self looking for a place to hang its hat in your day, your life. And the ego is a tricky bastard looking for nourishment to ensure its survival. It doesn't want to die and certainly needs your physical body to get around but it will take you to the edge of a cliff romantically persuading you to jump. But at the last minute it will relent and yield its power back to you, briefly, after making you miserable. Only after realizing that if you jump it will be over for him too.

The Ego Needs Nourishment

And its favorite source is anything that falls in the realm of darkness. Which is a kind way of saying it hates light. The effort is to starve the ego. To shift to the Light. Of course the question arises as to how one actually does this.

Find Your Way

“Seek Light in any manner possible. Always.”

Deep down within each of us is this barometer. It's our intuition. It's innately installed there. Tap into it. Exercise it. Make it stronger.

The ego will hate it but who really gives a damn what that little bastard thinks or wants? When was the last time he served you for a good purpose? Never.

An Ego-Driven Life Leads Only To Futility

All that is born out of ego is doomed to fail, even when it appears to be going successfully.

Are you experiencing an existence laced with fear?

Do you wish to be free of it?

Can't seem to break free on your own?

Would it surprise you if I told you it all began with a resentment? It was single moment in your life when a resentment fully activated the tyrant ego within that only seeks to control and destroy you.

You can be free of it and I can show you how. It worked for me and has for countless others. Reach out to me and let's begin your journey. Let's take your barometer to the gym.

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