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How many excuses did you make today?

Did you make a plausible excuse to postpone a task today? Or did you crush it?

You're a business owner. An entrepreneur. A risk-taker. A producer. A contributor. An innovator. A leader. A motivator.

Bits And Pieces

“Making use of every bit and piece of time is an art that gets incredibly easier and easier with persistence.”

Yes, you are indeed all of the above. Yet there are times when you need rest. But there is no rest for an entrepreneur! We live, eat, and drink our businesses daily. And almost every moment from the time we wake until we crash at night is consumed at some level with at least a thought of our business. That's the spirit of an entrepreneur. It's a great thing!


Yet there are times when we wish to just turn it all off. And it is truly advisable to do just that (as best we can). Taking the time, and turning it off, offers a recharge of our batteries. And this is indeed needed.

Impossible To Do?

“Without a proper recharge of your entrepreneurial battery you will burn out.”

Time management is key to running a business. Making use of the bits and pieces can be exciting. Take the five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes, the hour. or more, to disconnect. Go for the walk. Take a ride, Visit the coast or walk into the woods. Reconnect to the world outside "Your Business, Inc." Let it slip away from you and clear your mind. Let your thoughts wander away from your business. Read a book or watch a movie. Escape for a spell.

Recharged Batteries

Watch as you return to your business, either in action or thought, how refreshed you are. Perhaps that one issue that had you at a loss looks or feels different now. Maybe the problem you wished to solve but were at a loss for looks different. Perhaps your recharged vision upon it offers another solution that could have never been seen as your batteries were wearing down.

Do this daily! Take the time and screw that "business owner guilt." Your business will thank you for it!

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