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Six Steps To A Life Changing Transformation
Step One
Step One - Admission

The first step in the process is fully conceding to yourself that you need help. When the problem is evident, and circumstances create the willingness to seek help, admission comes naturally. If you arrived on this site by searching for an answer, a solution, you have already taken the first step.

Step Two
Step Two - Decision

The second step is a simple decision to try something different. Decisions are fruitless unless followed by swift action. You make decisions all day and night when it comes to your business and personal life yet fall short with the follow through required to see your decision's rewards. This step is a pivot in a new direction.

Step Three
Step Three - Evaluation

The third step is an intense process I'll set out for you that is definitely not for the faint-hearted. It requires some serious Sisu, and a regimen of daily action for a short period of time. This step will put your mind and emotions through an intense workout that leads to a full release of the toxins holding you back. It is a fact-facing and fact-finding mission, an evaluation, to uncover every single block within that prevents you from fully enjoying your craft, your business, and your personal life. This is where the "rubber meets the pavement." This step separates the men and women from the boys and the girls. 

Step Four
Step Four - Comprehension

The fourth step is a full discussion of all that was found in step three. It's the beginning of fully realizing how the guiding forces, and motives, have long been set in motion by each idea you held, by the attitudes you learned, and the attendant emotions that resulted from the two. This step creates the comprehension needed to move on to step five.

Step Five
Step Five - Revision

The fifth step is an examination of how you will approach every aspect of your business, and personal life, now that you are armed with the facts. The revision is an opportunity to re-create your thoughts, which consequently make up your life situation(s). An opportunity to re-create your business and personal life based on a new understanding of yourself, and your affairs.

Step Six
Step Six - Integration

The sixth step is about applying a new set of eyes, a vision, on your business, your future, and ultimately every other area of your life. It's the integration of thinking, living, by a new set of principles that come about organically as a result of the first five steps. This is where the freedom from all that has held you back, and in bondage, is realized and actualized.

My Own Experience

There is a great chance you've heard this before..."Everything you need to succeed is already within you."

Indeed it is! Maybe you're wondering why you can't access it, why it seems out of reach, why it eludes you. 

I intuitively knew everything I ever needed to succeed as a father, husband, friend, and business owner was in me yet each time I thought I had it, it slipped away from me. It left me mystified. And at times infuriated me. Then the day came when I fully conceded that I was without Power, the first step. That's when the magic began for me! My life pivoted as I made a decision to try something different, the second step. I began a journey of transformation through a process that began to shift away all that had been blocking me from any true potential, a process that began to strip away, uncover, all of those items that had my true potential buried deep within. The third step was a thorough examination of self that was absolutely necessary to break free and break out of the norm. Discussing these grosser handicaps with another was a must, as a lone self-appraisal would be just that and easily brushed aside. This fourth step brought the barriers out into the light. Following this it became easier and easier to approach not only my businesses in a different manner but my personal life as well. The fifth step afforded me the opportunity to really begin anew. An opportunity to re-create my life, thoughts, and my business life from top to bottom and side to side. This naturally, organically, led to living by these principles on a daily basis, the sixth step, leading to my ability to inspire others to do the same.

How long does it take? It took me just about 30 days to do the work and the practicing, the mastering, came about naturally after I experienced the freeing power of the action I took. 

Does it hurt? Like a son-of-a-bitch. But only for a short time. It's similar to exercising a muscle. If a muscle is weak you take it to the gym. You work it out and for a short time as it repairs itself, becoming a stronger muscle, there is pain. Yet it's a good pain, an "accomplishment pain." Aren't all things that require effort always accompanied by some pain? 

Sounds spiritual? Indeed it is spiritual in nature. And like most things that have a spiritual nature it is a recipe that needs to be experienced to be understood. The result does become evident, and quickly.

Ready to begin?
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