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Can I apply spirituality to my business?

Bringing spirituality, or faith, to your business is easier than you think.

The idea of living a life grounded in spiritual principles and bringing them to your business plan is truly justified.

“It is far better to let your demonstration speak for you rather than driving the point home with your words”

Your actions will always speak louder than words. You've heard this before? It's been true in my experience as a business owner.

Don't Hide It

I've never apologized for or hid my spiritual beliefs from my staff members, past or present. I've also learned that insisting that they believe as I do causes resistance. It doesn't work!

As an effective business owner your staff, your vendors, and most importantly your clients are always watching you. You have the stage and stand beneath that spotlight every day. It's your position to lead. Most times its with words as you set the course. Yet it will always be through your demonstration.

If you want your staff to be honest, you have to be honest. If you don't want your staff to steal from you, time, product, or money, you have to be honest. You get the point? You are the leader and as such the ones you lead will follow your example. Make sense?

Spirituality In The Workplace

The best effort in practicing spirituality in the workplace is by demonstrating a set of principles. Living by a set of principles. And they're contagious! And they're to be admired. And admired they'll be. And what of those who don't care for principles?

Water Seeks Its Own Level

Like everything in life, like attracts like. It has to.

Yes there are times when opposites attract but that's not what I'm referencing here. I'm going in the opposite direction.

When it comes to living a principled life, a life lived spiritually, those who have no desire to do so, those who would hold it in contempt, won't and don't last. They simply go away. How that happens really is none of our business. Our demonstration sets the course and once they realize your commitment to the course they will fall way. And almost at once another will appear willing to follow your course with a full respect for your ability to man the helm.

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