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Bobby Bach - Sisu Strategic Solutions
SISU Strategic Solutions

SISU's approach to your business is a respectful, confidential and collaborative relationship laced with creativity, mixing in the perfect balance of calm and coolness under pressure. You will experience surprise and delight, comforting professionalism, and more.

There is a distinct formula when it comes to the alchemy of business yet each entrepreneur is as unique as every business's craft. SISU combines an unbridled passion for solutions with efficiency, execution with fun, and support with a clear vision.

Your business is you! It is a reflection and translation of you. It's your story and legacy. I look forward to helping you define your story.

Living To Inspire Others

My name is Bobby Bach, I've been self-employed since leaving school save for a few different jobs while in between owning businesses. Currently, as a florist, wedding planner, event designer, a writer, and business coach and consultant, I have come upon countless individuals, business owners like you, who struggle daily trying to succeed and have had the opportunity to be of service to them.


Years ago I was at my lowest in all my years as a business owner. I thought I was done. Thankfully I held onto the steering wheel and was exposed to a process that transformed everything for me. Physically, mentally, and most definitely spiritually. This transformation not only benefited me, it benefitted my wife and children. And ultimately my businesses. Bringing this exacting focus and precise execution is what I live for today. I'm not your typical business coach feeding you a scripted play in the hopes it sticks. I'm the trusted advisor and a fearless truth-teller committed to bringing transformation to you. Of course we discuss the problem but only for a brief period. Because if we are solely focused on the problem we can't possibly speak to the solution. 

My craft rises above the ordinary and is educational. My viewpoint is laced with an adventurous spirit. My energy is positive and I get the job done. My execution is strategic and is not a "one size fits all" application. My imagination is tempered by the lessons that mistakes, my own and other's, have taught me. My ideas and attitude demonstrate passion. Passion to see you overcome obstacles and truly succeed.

I've had the fortune of owning businesses my entire adult life and there is a great chance we have walked in similar shoes and have very similar experiences, though the circumstances may be different. I look forward to being a part of your future and creating a relationship that is powerful, and lasting. Let's begin with a brief confidential conversation. I look forward to hearing your story soon. - Bobby Bach

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