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Bobby Bach - Sisu Strategic Solutions
Social Media Bootcamp

Would it surprise you to know that not all social media applications will serve your business needs? Restaurants, flower shops, and boutiques for example benefit greatly through images while businesses focused on information will not. They will enjoy the benefits of Twitter, naturally.

Let's take a look at how you're using these incredible, and free, tools for your marketing. Are you in front of your clientele, or capturing new clientele, with the platforms that are right for your business?

Personal versus Business

Yes you should be using your personal accounts to market your business accounts but should you be posting your personal business on your business profiles? Most definitely not. Yes there are instances when you will want to. The new arrival of a baby in the family is heartwarming, it touches nearly everyone. And your clients eat this up, as they should. Yes, share this on your business profiles. It's a celebration! 

But what of the hot topic subjects we see daily on Facebook? Politics, religion? Steer clear of it on your business profiles on social media. 

What of your religious and political beliefs and perhaps your own need to stand up for them? This isn't always easily answered and some thought should be given about your post before the send button is pushed. Will you be pushing the wrong buttons on those who enjoy your service or business who have become a "friend" on social media on a personal level as well?

Let's explore your personal and business profiles. Tighten up those that are weak and look for ways to improve your positive exposure in what can be a hostile environment. 

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