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Bobby Bach - Sisu Strategic Solutions
Business Development

Starting a new business or have a great idea for one?

Let's explore your current business plan and look for its weaknesses. Let's explore ways to ensure that effective systems are in place thereby guaranteeing a smooth start.

You came up with the idea for your business. You massaged it. Or perhaps the business you wish to launch was born out of chaos in a job when the thought "Why am I doing this for someone else when I can be doing it for myself and my family?" 

Truth be told many businesses are started as a result of the latter situation I just mentioned. 

This is where care must be taken that emotion does not cloud our business plan.

New Beginnings

You've been groomed, educated, by past mentors or teachers and it ultimately led to your desire to strike out on your own and create your own path. You've lived, breathed, and nourished for a short time or for years your dream. You're willing to risk it all to make it happen. Congratulations, and welcome to the world of business ownership. Where every nerve and thought are on fire. Feels awesome doesn't it?

Let's see if we can poke some holes in your plan long before they are discovered once your vessel is afloat. Let's prevent its sinking before it's too late.

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