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Bobby Bach - Sisu Strategic Solutions
Brand Awareness

Creating a brand for your business is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your venture and it becomes effortless to keep it going once established. It's important to arrive at the "look" and then lend as much energy as you can to it. It's all about creating impressions, impressions that are lasting. 

Each business I've owned has always garnered compliments from my clients, and even those who visit with a solicitation. 

Many times when a client arrives the assumption is made on their part that we are a chain or franchise. Yes all of my businesses have been small and independent, "Mom and Pop" if you will, yet the impression we leave visually leads our clients to believe something else. 

Creating A Brand

Creating a brand is a form of art and coming from a design background I can easily help you look at your entire business plan and that most important aspect of who you wish to serve as clients and create that "look" that is appealing to them. A look that invokes a level of trust in you and your product. 

You may be asking "Isn't this marketing?" 

Yes it is. There is the creed "always be closing" that fits into many forms of business but many fall by the wayside when it comes to "always be marketing." Your brand will set the tone and all other efforts will fall under it. 

What does your "brand" say about your business?

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