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Is a Business Coach for me?

Updated: Mar 4, 2018

If you are asking yourself this question the answer is yes.

You were brought right here, right now, for some reason. This I wish for you to believe. If your mind brought forth the thought to question whether a Business Coach is for you or not, one thing is certain. It won't hurt you. Exploring the benefits to you, your family, and your business will do no harm.

“A subjective look at your condition will uncover an objective approach to a solution."

You've been setting goals since you learned how to walk, and even before then. We can all set goals. I can set goals for you. You can set goals for me. It's simple. But coming to see, and believe, what's holding you back is another matter entirely.

The Crush

Admitting to oneself that help is needed is always preceded by a period of uncomfortability. And it can be tedious! Perhaps that's what brought you here?

Your investment pays dividends once a decision is made to try something different. To realize that the same "solutions" you are trying to apply to your "problems" is not working. Bringing in an impartial pair of eyes, another set of lenses, to fully assess your situation opens your mind to other possibilities. It is empowering!

The Assessment

A proper assessment will begin your needed shift to bettering your situation(s). It begins the freeing of the binds you are experiencing. It shifts your daily stride and leads you in another direction. And somehow your steps feel lighter, hopeful. Faith in self, your business plan, and even the future begin to shine brighter as obstacles are identified and overcome.

Training Wheels

We all experience times when guidance is needed. Strapping on a set of training wheels is normal at times, and needed. And like when we were younger the training wheels are removed. And we ride out on our own with a willingness to teach. Isn't that how you began your business? Weren't you mentored to some degree?

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