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Have you ever read, or watched, The Secret?

Updated: Mar 7, 2018

Did you try to embrace it's teachings only to see it fail miserably?

I approached the "Laws of Attraction" with all the energy I could muster at a time when I felt I needed them most. I thought they were the answer to my problems. And for a short period of time I felt as though they were making a difference in my life, and how I approached my business.

“The hindrance in realizing the power so many speak of when it comes to the Laws of Attraction is not within the Laws. It's within you."

The day came when I threw up my hands in defeat with a feeling of resentment. I could easily see the sense in them. I could understand how they work. As I tried to embrace them and the idea that water seeks its own level something was amiss. I began to feel like I was jamming square pegs in round holes, always a futile effort. So why did they fail?

The Truth

The Laws of Attraction, and all that those wonderful people spoke to about them in The Secret, will be dictated by our thoughts. And feelings. This much they freely shared with us. And it's easily understood. I'm imagining the success of their offering of The Secret was based on this baseline of common sense.

The greatest piece of information I came upon was this. As long as there is a corruption of my thoughts, be it by resentment or fear, keeping my mind's eye on the Laws is damn near impossible. They remain at an arm's reach and impossible to fully embrace and/or realize.

The Solution

I outline a six-step process for you on my site that spells out a clear and definite solution to repair your thoughts. I endured this process years ago and was ultimately freed from the power my mind had over me. It was a grueling process that took roughly 60 days to complete and it shifted the scales. When I entered into it I had come to admit defeat and related with the line "My mind is trying to kill me." Quite frankly, I felt desperate. And as a consequence was willing to try something different.

The Result

The process I employ is a restoration of power over the garden of thoughts, the mind. A return to sanity if you will. I have a dear friend who tells me all the time "We are not responsible for our first thought. We are responsible for the second thought though."

It is said that we endure, enjoy, and entertain roughly 60,000 thoughts a day. Culling these thoughts and harvesting the best of them is like weeding a garden. And this garden that ultimately makes up our life's circumstances needs attention. It needs watering, nourishment, and fertilizer, ongoing strengthening agents, and harvesting, the circumstances not only in our business life but in our personal lives as well.

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